February 2017 Wrap-Up


So, February is the first full month of blogging I’ve had and it’s been excellent! I’ve managed to get more traffic than January, more followers and discovered lots of excellent new blogs to follow myself!

As some of you may know, I was only reviewing books by Black Authors because it was Black History Month and that went really well! I even squeezed in a couple extra posts too as I had so many reviews to post. If you want to check those out, they’re all under the “Black History Month” category. I mixed my reading for that between some free classics which I made a list about hereย and between Sci-Fi/Fantasy novels focusing on authors from my list here. I did also read plenty of books by other authors and so I’ve got a lot of reviews to catch up on now! I had planned on making a second Sci-Fi/Fantasy post focusing on male authors this time but I ended up not having time although I do plan on doing that eventually. Maybe later this month!

I noticed that I was nominated for a couple awards and I’d like to thank all those that nominated me! That’s lovely of you. As I’m still really new, I don’t really know anybody well enough to tag them so I’ve not responded to any of those yet.

A lot of the posts I make are currently book reviews and so I’m thinking of starting doing a couple of the weekly posts I see floating around since I always enjoy reading those on others blogs. I haven’t decided which yet but if you have any suggestions, let me know!

Anyway, on to the books read!


I read a whopping 26 books this month so I’m not going to list and link them all individually as that would take forever! However, you can just go view my Goodreads profile if you want to look up any of them in more detail.


It’s really hard to focus on highlights because I enjoyed so many of these books! I have reviews up for quite a few of them and am working on reviews for several more.ย I managed to make quite a bit of progress on several of my challenges too, so I’m thinking about adding another one as thanks to my focus on black authors this month, I’m pretty certain I’ve managed to achieve my POC reading challenge goal already (or am only a few books away from completing it). I’m thinking about starting the Diversity Bingo Challenge although if there are any other interesting challenges out there, I’d love to hear about them.

So! Have you read any of these books? If so, what did you think! Are there any you’d like me to discuss more? Are there any books you’d recommend for March based on what I read? Let me know below!

4 thoughts on “February 2017 Wrap-Up

    • In the past few years it’s been more usual for me to read around 10-15 a month but I decided this year to push myself and see just how much I could read if I cut back on the amount of time I wasted online or watching TV.

      I’m quite a fast reader and I work right next to my library so I also have super easy access to lots of books! (Plus the pressure to return them also helps me read a lot!)


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