I’m Sarah and I’m a 20-something blogger from Scotland. I spend all my time reading and talking about books and so I figured why not blog about them too! Especially since this way my poor friends will get a rest from me constantly rambling on and on.

My favourite genres are Fantasy and Sci-Fi however I also enjoy reading a lot of classics and have started to read more contemporary literature. I read both YA and Adult novels and also read a lot of non-fiction (particularly history). Really though, I’ll read almost anything if it sounds interesting enough (or has a particularly beautiful cover – I’m definitely guilty of buying books just based on the cover alone)

Other interests of mine include travelling (and I love to buy books as souvenirs), playing video games, learning languages (my goal is to eventually be able to read a book in it’s original language!), cross-stitch and cooking!

I also enjoy writing and am currently working on a Sci-Fi space adventure which I tweet about quite often.