Mini Bloggiesta!


So I’ve just found out about this and think it’s a fantastic idea! The idea is to create a to-do list and spend the weekend doing blog maintenance. As my blog is very new, it definitely needs a lot of work done and so this is the perfect way to do it!

The List:

  • Write at least two reviews
  • Finish blogging about the challenges I’m doing and update challenge posts
  • Write recommendation post I’m planning
  • Create my “About Me” page
  • Try and pick a good theme
  • Hopefully create a site banner (or get somebody to do it for me)  
  • Look through my old blog and see if there’s any material I can salvage for this one.
  • Participate in the Twitter chat and meet other Bloggers!
  • Add categories to all my posts


The Plan:

First off, the most important thing for me is to meet other Bloggers via the Twitter chat. I’m quite new to this and so the more blogs I can follow and read, the more I can learn!

Secondly, I have several reviews I’d like to write while the books are still fresh in my mind. I read a lot and so I know I can’t review everything so I also need to try and decide which books I want to review.

The about me page is something I’ve been putting off because I dislike writing about myself, but I know I don’t need to do too much and so if I at least have something there then that’ll be enough.

I’m planning on doing weekly “recommendations” posts and have picked my first theme but kept putting it off because there’s a book I think would be perfect for it that I haven’t read yet so I need to either read it, or just go ahead and make the post and do a separate “Book I haven’t read yet but want to” recommendation post.

The site theme and banner are very important as first impressions count, although I’m horrible at art and creating pretty things so I think I’m going to have to get help with that. For now though, I feel this is the least important as if I don’t have any content, I won’t have any visitors and so I can worry about making it look nice once I’ve got things to actually draw people to my site!


5 thoughts on “Mini Bloggiesta!

  1. A brand-new blog and you’re doing Bloggiesta! How great! I hope you have fun during the Mini Bloggiesta and get a lot done on your list. I always want to add more to my to-do list after reading other people’s, and yours make me wonder how out of date my About Me page is. Good luck for Bloggiesta and beyond!


  2. Like Laurie mentions, looking at everyone’s list is tempting me to add to my to do list but I will instead save it for the next Bloggiesta 🙂 Great list and I finally got an About Me page done as well. Love the Recommendations idea..


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