Travel Thursdays – Introductory Post

Travel Thursdays

Welcome to Travel Thursdays! It’s a brand new bookish meme that I’ve decided to host as it ties in really nicely with my Read Around the World challenge, and also becauseĀ I know there’s just so much fantastic literature out there from other countries that people might not realise exists.

What it involves:

Each week, you’ll choose one place. It’s up to you what you choose – whether it’s somewhere as large as a country or as small as a particular city. Then, once you’ve chosen it you need to find books that are either set there or written by somebody from there and make a post discussing them. Have you read any of them? Have you found any you’d like to read?

Also, as well as finding books, I’d also like you to learn a little about the place you’veĀ chosen and share something about it such as a photo or an interesting fact.

This meme will start on the 16th March so you have a full week to prepare for it! For the first post, I highly recommend picking somewhere personal to you such as where you’re from, or somewhere you’ve lived.

Rules Summary:

  • Choose a place
  • Discuss books from that place
  • Share something interesting relating to that place

If you take part then please link back to this post so that others can join it if they’re interested. You can also feel free to use the graphic I’ve made for your own posts.