Down the TBR Hole #2

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So! I’m back with another edition of Down the TBR Hole! For more information about it, you can either see my other post or read the introduction by Lia, the creator of this tag.

At the end of my last one, my to-read list was 770 books and I’m glad to say that it’s remained at that! (I did add some, but then I read some too so it balanced out). I’m here with another five books and hopefully can remove some more of those too!



So as I mentioned last time, I was in a bit of a historical fiction mood when I first joined Goodreads and so added a lot of historical fiction novels to my TBR list. This one is by an author I’ve read and enjoyed however it’s been on here for ages as I’ve just not got around to it. I was originally going to remove this, but I changed my mind and decided that I’d rather remove it by reading it.



592167This is a book I added back while I was at University because it was relevant to my studies. I’ve read extracts of it and I always planned on going back and reading the entire thing once I’d graduated and had more spare time.

Verdict: KEEP





Well, as I mentioned last time, I’m interested in Arthurian Literature and this is one of the must-reads. I’m half tempted to remove this as it’ll probably still be a while until I read it, but it’s one of those “eventually I’ll read it” books so I feel because it’s essentially a classic, I can let it stay.

Verdict: KEEP



185407This is another book I added due to University – I took a class on the History and Philosophy of Science and one of my essays was focused on Darwin and on this book. Again, I read extracts but never read the entire thing and it was another I planned on coming back to. However, I don’t own this and remember it being huge and so I feel there’s no point in keeping it on my list. If I change my mind, I can add it back again later.

Verdict: REMOVE



When I first started adding things to my TBR pile, I went through and added all the books that I owned along with all the books my ex had and this is one of those books. As we’re no longer together, I figure there’s no point keeping this on here. I do have another book by this author on my TBR which I actually own, so if I enjoy that then I might re-add this but for now, I’m unlikely to read it.

Verdict: REMOVE



So, I’ve removed two, kept two and requested one from the library to get it off my list by reading it. I think that choosing one of the books I’m keeping to read soon is another good thing as it’ll help me get books off my TBR list even faster that just removing the ones I don’t want. I’ve a habit of mostly just reading the books I recently added due to forgetting about older ones on my list and so this will help me get around to reading those instead of always focusing on the newer books.

My TBR list is currently at 768 and I’m now setting a new goal to help reduce it faster. I’m aiming to reduce it by five books every week and so that means that I will need to read several books too to help do that and avoid adding new books to it (I can still read new books of course, they’d just go straight to my currently-reading pile). That means that in future, along with the five that I’ll keep/remove in order of them being added, I’ll also remove some from random points in the list or mention ones from the list that I’ve now read and removed that way. This might be a bit ambitious but I’ll try it for at least until I hit 750 and see how effective it was.


Anyway! Have you read any of these books? Do you have anything to say about them that might change my decisions? Let me know!


2 thoughts on “Down the TBR Hole #2

  1. I really like the idea of immediately reading one of these books, it will definitely help decrease your tbr and makes it even more fun!


    • Yeah I find it helps for the tricky books where you can’t decide and I always struggle to remove books from my TBR so this looks like a much more fun way of doing it. It does mean I might have to do the posts every two weeks instead to give me time to read a book between them, but I still think it’ll be pretty effective!

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