Reading Challenge – /r/Fantasy Bingo 2017


So, for those that don’t know, Fantasy is my favourite genre. I’ve not been reading as much Fantasy lately as I’ve been trying to read more genres, although as you may have noticed the majority of my list posts always focus on SFF (I just happen to have been reading more Sci-Fi recently)

I missed the 2016 Bingo as I discovered it too late, but I’m very excited about taking part in this one. It runs from the 1st of April 2017 to the 31st March 2018 and the squares are all excellent as they’ll definitely help me read more and as a lot of them are very specific I can see myself having a lot of fun hunting down books that fulfill each category. I’m also planning on making recommendation posts for a couple of the squares so if you’re also planning on taking part, then keep an eye out for them!

My plan is to make an update post for this every three months to discuss my progress and what my plans are.

Currently, I’m reading a collection of short stories that will be perfect for the short stories square but I haven’t decided my approach for the rest of it yet as I’m a very big mood-reader so I know if I plan on reading X,Y and Z that I’ll probably end up reading A, B and C instead.

Are you taking part in this too? Let me know! What squares do you think will be the most challenging for you? What squares are you most looking forward to completing?

5 thoughts on “Reading Challenge – /r/Fantasy Bingo 2017

  1. Ahhh this is fantastic!! This is perfect! I’ve been looking for a reading challenge to do this year and your post has given me the answer, thank you! 😀 I’ll have to make a post about it tomorrow, haha.

    Best of luck on the challenge!! I hope you do spectacular! 😀


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