March 2017 Wrap-Up


March Blog Wrap-Up

So! As you can see from the image above, I read a lot less this month than I did last month. I read a total of 15 books which I think is pretty good considering that the new Zelda game came out this month and I’ve spent a lot of time playing it. I really enjoyed most of the books I read and I’m still trying to read as diversely as possible. 10/15 books I read were written by women so I’m doing really well on my goal of reading more books written by women and several of these will count towards my various reading challenges which is also great. I plan on doing a ReadHarder quarterly wrap-up post soon, I just need to finish my reviews first!

I’m not doing a book haul for this month because I had almost no views on my last one so I feel it’s something people aren’t interested in. However if people would like me to do one, I’d happily do that as I keep all my new purchases for each month separate (as I have a goal of trying to read at least one of my new books each “haul”)

Blogging wise, I’ve started my new Travel Thursday feature which I really enjoy. I’ve not had that many views on them yet so I’m only going to do them every other week but so far I’m really enjoying writing them and they’re a big help for my “Around the World” challenge. I’ve almost hit 100 followers so I’m very excited about that and I now have 300 followers on Twitter. I’ve not had as many posts this month, again mostly due to Zelda, and I’ve started setting aside time on Tuesday and Wednesday for blog hopping so that I can also spend more time reading other fantastic blogs. I’ve managed to slightly increase my views from February which is good given that I made less posts and I’m also quite happy to see that I’ve got views from across the world which is really cool. (I’ve also decided that for my “Around the World” challenge I’m going to focus first on the countries that my visitors are from so if you have a recommendation then please let me know!)

Finally, I’m about to start a new reading challenge/bingo focused on Fantasy books that I’m very excited about. I’ll be making a post about it soon and I expect I’ll be making a couple recommendation posts for a couple of the squares. I’m contemplating joining in on Diversity Bingo too, just because through my reading I’ve already completed a fair amount of the squares – I think I’m going to set aside a day to go through and see just how many squares I’ve completed as if it’s more than a quarter then I’ll definitely join (and if not, I probably will anyway but will wait until I’ve finished one of my other challenges first)

Life Wrap-Up

So, I didn’t do this last month but I know I’m certainly curious about the lives of the bloggers I read so figure you might be curious about me so I’ll add in a monthly feature to update you on my life (especially for those who don’t follow me on Twitter)

I’m currently unemployed but I’ve made good progress with job applications this month and I’m hopeful that I’ll find something soon. I currently volunteer for a fantastic charity while I job hunt so that’s really helping build my skills and they’ve said that they’ll write me a fantastic reference and asked me if there’s anything they can do to help which is so lovely of them.

As I mentioned above, I’ve been a bit obsessed with the new Zelda game as it’s just so fantastic. I’m a big fan of video games and if I’m not reading or playing board games (another hobby of mine) then I’m probably playing a video game. I just completed Zelda a couple days ago but there’s still so much more to do so I’ll probably still be playing it for quite a while. I’ve also started a game of Fire Emblem so I’ll probably be spending a lot of time on that this month.

My writing has been a bit slow lately as my mental health hasn’t been that great so I’ve put it on hold to have one less thing to stress about but I plan on returning to it this month and trying to hit 10k words on my Novella.

Goals for April:

  • Read at least 4 books for each challenge I’m doing
  • Get back to scheduling more posts in advance
  • Write reviews for all the ARCs I’ve finished
  • Make more recommendation posts
  • Get more views than last month
  • Eat healthier
  • Apply to more jobs
  • Start doing yoga again
  • Write at least 10k words


So! How was your March? Were you able to achieve your goals or was it a slow month for you? I love reading wrap-ups so if you have one, please comment with it so I can go check it out!


2 thoughts on “March 2017 Wrap-Up

  1. Mine is too so we have to take it in turns over who gets to play but it’s great as it forces me to take breaks and spend more time reading.

    I hope it does soon too! I mean I really love my volunteer job but I do want to be able to start saving up again for holidays instead of using up all my savings.


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